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"After completing my studies under Thich Nhat Hanh's school at UCLA, I wanted to make disciples of all peoples around the world."
Kenneth tran
Dean, Instructor

Recognized by the Government of Vietnam


The Sangha of Vietnam

Great Sage University, the world's first secular buddhist university, is an affiliate of Linh Son Temple, a member of the Sangha of Vietnam which is the only sangha recognized by the government of Vietnam. The university's teachings date back four generations to the temple's founder.

roots in vietnam

Linh Son Temple was founded four generations ago by a monk named Dat in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Kenneth Tran is the direct great grandson of Dat on his father's side- his great grandfather on his mother's side was also a monk. From birth until he was five years old, Kenneth grew up at Long Tho Temple in Binh Duong province.

linh son temple

American temple

Kenneth Tran went with his family to America in 1993, where he went on to become a member of many religious institutions. He first became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church in 1998. He became a member of the Sanctuary Church and also a member of Dieu Ngu Temple in Westminster, California. He attended many masses at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Parish, although he was not a member.

Dieu ngu temple

thich nhat hanh

Kenneth Tran continued his studies at UCLA, where he trained under the tutelage of Thich Nhat Hanh's disciples. Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the most famous monks in the world, being also from Vietnam. After the experience, Kenneth decided to bring his teachings to all people around the world.

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Great Sage University is affiliated with...


Thich Nhat Hanh, USA

Trained under his disciples at UCLA.


Dieu Ngu Temple, USA

Founder is a member of and donor to the temple.


The Sanctuary Church, USA

Founder is the only Buddhist member of this church.


Linh Son Temple, Vietnam

Over 20 full time monks live at the temple as of 2017.


Long Tho Temple, Vietnam

The temple is still in operation today.


Universal Life Church, USA

Founder has been ordained as a minister since 1998.

We've pledge to donate a portion of our profits to the Thich Nhat Hanh foundation.

the state of HAWAII

And the United States federal government have determined that religious organization affiliated universities have degree granting authority in all 50 states with restrictions. As per the law, Great Sage University is permitted to pursue accreditation both at the national, regional, and international level.

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