Great Sage University

Affiliated with Linh Son Temple

Price: FREE

It doesn't cost anything to become a monk, so get yourself certified with this certificate of monkhood. After becoming a certified monk at our school, you will be able to legally perform marriages and other rituals.

Monkhood is open to all faiths including none.

Our Way of Teaching

We teach philosophy applied to everyday life. We are the embodiment of the Buddha as educators. We do not fail students for the Buddha would not fail students. We do not charge high fees as the Buddha would not charge high fees. And we believe in speedy education as life has more to teach you.

Now that you've been ordained, why not continue your education?

Online Education

Our university is completely online as we believe in distance education. As an institution of higher learning, we are able to reach out across borders and deliver teachings to people from all nations. We use ancient teachings reborn in the modern world.

Earn a Degree

Earn a bachelor, a master, or a PhD from our university by enrolling in our courses and completing them. We don't assign grades at our school, as in accordance with traditions of the Buddha, so you're guaranteed to have a good time here.

The World's First Secular Buddhism University

As a religious organization we have degree granting authority through exemptions in state and federal law. Although our degrees are currently unaccredited by the department of education in the USA, they are affiliated with the Sangha of Vietnam which is recognized by the government of Vietnam. We may in the future seek international accreditation.

Our Affiliates

Linh son Temple
Mekong Delta Region, Vietnam

Corporate Information

Phone: 949.229.0736